Catching monster Atlantic halibut 🎣

Publicerad 19 augusti 2023 | Skriven av frederic Jullian
Sylvain embarks on an epic journey, hooking his first-ever Halibut, an astonishing 205 cm giant that could be the biggest Atlantic Halibut of his life.An astonishing 205 cm giant

Catching the Monster Atlantic Halibut 🎣 An epic halibut fishing adventure in Norway!
In this article, embark on an extraordinary Halibut fishing escapade in the captivating landscapes of Røst  ! Immerse yourself in Sylvain’s epic journey as he engages in an uncertain battle. Catching monster Atlantic Halibut of 205 cm – an adventure that might mark the pinnacle of his angling endeavors. The heart-pounding encounter exemplifies the true essence of angling, where man and nature’s giants collide.

Triumph and determination

An arena for triumph and determination

An arena for triumph and determination, Røst’s waters are not merely a fishing ground. As Sylvain grapples with the Halibut’s raw power, he uncovers his own strength and skill. He’s mirroring the struggle of countless anglers who have tested their mettle against the giants of the sea. This catch showcases the possibility of those who dare to face the unknown depths with light tackle. I can tell that this one hour fight was a close call all the way til the end. Sylvain put the Westin travel rod (W6 Popping) to the limit.

Watch the action !

Sylvain’s first monster Atlantic Halibut

Sylvain’s first Halibut, we managed well as a team until the second attempt, where we finally could hold it to our side. In a recent post, I was talking about catching monster Atlantic halibut. Here they’re staying longer on the Røst sea shoals before fall. I believe Sylvain’s first Halibut prove my point, I believe! Here at the camp we strongly encourage catch and release and specially when we talk about giants like this Halibut. We were so happy to see him slowly swimming away. To know more about the Norwegian regulations, check this page.

Contact us to discover the allure of Røst Island, an unparalleled heaven for an epic halibut fishing in Norway. The diversity of spots and pristine waters of this archipelago provide the perfect backdrop for an angling adventure of a lifetime. With a breathtaking abundant marine life. Røst stands as the ultimate destination for fishing enthusiasts seeking a rendez-vous with these awe-inspiring creatures.

Team work makes the dream works !