Well done, Yankees One !

Publicerad 7 augusti 2022 | Skriven av Henric Wigren

When Yankee One is coming to Rost

This is a story of four hardcore fishermen that decide to cross the Atlantic to experience fishing the Lofoten island. Travelling by plane to Rost this year was an adventure, but “Yankee one» did not give up on their goals. Many delays and reschedule later they have arrived at the Camp, and immediately you know “that they are not here to buy land” LOL as they say in France.

What strikes me when we welcome new fishermen at the camp is that they bring their own fishing history and knowledge. And you see that when together we start to review the equipment and discuss the possible strategy for the week. Of course, when you arrive after such a long trip expectation are high, and you have in mind old pictures and the stories that you previously read on the net.

One thing was sure, the fish from Rost have discovered many new lures that week, they were not fishing with the usual suspect! 

At the question: “why did you come to Rost?” They answered this: “Rost offers a unique mix of both fish species and techniques – where you can mix both top water and jigging styles of fishing. You can fish for halibut of all sizes, including true 100-year-old doormats, ground fish like cod and ling as well as targeting the coalfish, which is the Norwegian sea’s version of a tuna.”  John also mentions the video from Niklaus Bauer where they were targeting coalfish on top water with streamer as inspirational to book this trip.  

To make a long story short, did this journey meet the expectations? Well, they manage to land a 178 cm halibut and many smaller one between 100 and 130 cm. They experienced crazy top water action on coalfish with 10kg fish and up, and they also found nice cods up to 15 kg.

More than words, the smile on the picture witness the happiness of our guest. Thanks to Yankee one for coming such a long way and sharing those moments with us. Well done, Yankees One ! 

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