Captain Jullian takes charge at Rost Fishing Camp for the summer season

Publicerad 9 juli 2023 | Skriven av frederic Jullian

We hope that summer started well for all of you. We wanted to share some exciting news about the captain’s Jullian arrival at Rost Fishing Camp for the upcoming summer season. This year marks his third consecutive year taking charge of the camp, and we are thrilled to have him back.

The captain and his team :
Martin and François

Exploring Topwater Lures for an Exciting Fishing Experience at Rost Fishing Camp

After a few days of acclimating to the salted water, I will undoubtedly find my way to the fish and guide our customers to unforgettable experiences. One notable aspect that maybe sets me apart is my penchant for targeting fish on top water. Above all, I will encourage our guests to pay attention to bird activity and always keep a top water lure ready for action.

Røst, the best topwater spot of Lofoten

It seems that the surface activity has already begun, even earlier than in previous seasons, with some impressive 10 kg+ coalfish being caught. We can expect more excitement to come during the French takeover.

Top water fishing is known for its thrill and excitement, especially when fish strike on the water’s surface. It offers a unique experience for anglers and often leads to memorable catches.

The excitement is real

Tips for Topwater Fishing Success

To increase your success with top water lures, here are some tips that can come in handy:Happy fishing!

Feel the Weight before Setting the Hook: The biggest mistake anglers make with top water lures is being too quick to set the hook. It’s important to ensure you feel the weight of the fish before setting the hook, as prematurely setting it can pull the lure away from the fish.

There is no time for pictures.
Let’s catch them

Choose the Right Leader Material: When using top water lures, consider using monofilament leader material instead of fluorocarbon. In the meantime, fluorocarbon tends to sink more easily, which can cause the lure to nosedive more than desired.

Match the Lure to Forage and Fishing Spot: Consider the characteristics of the lure, such as its action, size, and color, to match the local forage and fishing spot conditions.

Choosing the Right Lures

While discussing top water fishing, I thought it might be interesting to explore choices for hard bait and topwater lures. There are various lures available that are specifically designed for targeting fish on the water’s surface or nearby :

  1. Illex Dexter Jerk 120 S – HL Ayu:
    A trusted lure with versatile action that can be worked fast or slow. Imitating both panicked bait fish and struggling forage. In this case, I’ll advice is to remove the treble and replace them by one single hook. Place this single on the belly.
  2. Headbanger Spitfire 16CM:
    Known for its water pushing design, creating a splash and making it suitable for calm water. In that case as well you should change to single hooks.
  3. Illex Riser Bait 015P:
    A realistic-looking lure with swimming action that glides through the water. On the stop it will sink and often decide followers to strike at that moment.
  4. Rapala X-RAP Magnum Xplode:
    This lure features a chubby body and mouth that provides a big splash to drag attention on windy days. Long distance cast and load noise will call predators from the deep. Do not hesitate to use this type of lures when your humminbird shows activity in the first 10 meters of water.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other topwater lures available on the market. Each has its own unique characteristics and can be effective in different situations. Anglers regularly experiment with different lures to find the ones that work best for them and the specific fishing conditions.

Happy fishing!

As I settle in and the fishing season progresses, we anticipate more fantastic catches and unforgettable experiences for our guests. We look forward to providing you with exceptional fishing opportunities and ensuring your stay at Rost Fishing Camp is truly remarkable.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out our contact page. We’re here to assist you.