Corona Update

Publicerad 17 mars 2020 | Skriven av Henric Wigren

The situation with the spread of the corona-virus is causing problems and uncertainty in every bit of the world now, and so also here in «little Røst».

The authorities have closed the borders/airports, and have put a lot of restrictions on every citizen in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

We hope and expect that this situation will pass, and that things will normalize within the time of our season-opening for tourist-fishing, but this we cannot be sure of.

As it is now, nobody can say for sure how long this pandemi will have impact on the activities in the sociaty, and of course for companies and people this is a big worry.

We realise that this worry is something that we probably share with our guests that have booked for the coming spring and summer.

Therefore we want to confirm to all our guests, that with regard to the payments of their bookings, we are of course prepared to return their payment, should their travel be interrupted or cancelled due to causes related to the corona-virus.

If they in stead should prefer to make alterations on their booking, we will of course do our best to try to accomodate this.

We trust that this at least clearifies some of the economical uncertainties around the bookings, for some.

In the mean time, we can only wait, and hope for the best.

Stay strong!

Best regards


Kaikanten Rorbuer / Camp Røst