Fishing guide journey at Røst Fishing camp

Publicerad 20 juli 2023 | Skriven av frederic Jullian
For birdwatchers, Rost is truly a paradise.

A fishing guide journey always brings new experiences. Today, François talks about his first days at the camp.
I embraced the opportunity to work at Røst Fishing Camp and explore the captivating beauty of Island Røst in Norway. I was lucky to have by my brother, visiting me. We embarked on an unforgettable journey. On this occasion, we discover the abundant bird species and memorable fishing spots. Røst Fishing Camp holds now a special place in our hearts, and this article aims to share the incredible adventures and natural wonders we encountered during our visit.

A young fishing guide

I’m a young guide, just graduated from the French fishing guiding school MFR of Chaingy in France. It was one year of great experience at school. As an avid fishing guide, always seek new experiences to refine my techniques. Of course, the opportunity to work at Røst Fishing Camp was too good to pass up. At the beginning of my stay, my older brother and his partner joined me. They are visiting Norway, we embarked on an unforgettable adventure at Røst Fishing Camp.

The camp’s location

The camp’s location on the tiny islands of Røst, 10 kilometers out to sea from the southernmost tip of Lofoten. I feared that these flat, open islands will be battered by wind and rain. I still remember my fishing guide journey in Ireland couple of month ago. Surprisingly, this season at Røst I enjoy much better weather than expected. And much more light, too. You need to get accustomed to the 24 hours of daylight. Not to mention the influence of the Gulf Stream here. In a result, I now understand that this location is in fact quite protected from the harshest condition I was prepared to live. Without a doubt, this weather particularity is one important fact that allows the production of dried cod here.

Influence of the Gulf Stream explain the abundance of food for everyone.

A truly remarkable fishing guide experience

The experience of visiting Røst fishing camp with my brother was truly remarkable, together, we explored different fishing spot from the shore. In reality, this was not a total success. With such virgin waters, I was expecting to catch more fish. But it looks like the shallow water between the numerous island is more a nursery. Many species to keep the fun of these discoveries but all small sizes And manage to see a lot of different bird species that lived on the island « Puffin, eagle … ». Take time to check out my brother photography work on his page.

Fishing guide for my brother

I also had the opportunity to be a fishing guide for my brother. One more family story happen at the camp, like this report from last year. One of the great thing about fishing is to share things with others. Maybe one of the reason that pushed me to become a fishing guide. With my brother during the two fishing session, I have start to learn a new type of fishing. Here we can experience the generosity of nature. And fishing big and heavy, truly target bigger fish. And sooner or later you feel it in your muscle.

The successful start of the week on the island has made me confident in my work here, and I’m excited to continue the adventure. Røst fishing camp will always hold a special place in our hearts.