Hooked on Halibut: the French meet the Legendary Lofoten Fishing Bonanza

Publicerad 16 juli 2023 | Skriven av frederic Jullian

Hooked on Halibut, in this exciting adventure, our French’s set out on a legendary journey around Røst Islands in Norway. Our waters are known for unparalleled fishing bonanza. Guided by the experience of Kiki the team leader, once again, the French team is exploring the pristine waters surrounding the camp, in pursuit of the mighty Halibut.

Promises of adventure and discovery

The trip is all about adventure and discovery, providing opportunities to be hooked on Halibut. Some specimens measuring over two meters in length, as well as other species like big Cod and Coalfish, are expected. This season proves to be a blast for Halibut fishing. You just need to read it from the report showcasing two guests who hooked Halibut over 220 cm. The experience of Halibut fishing promises both the thrill of catching many smaller ones and the excitement of losing some big ones. There are no guarantees for catches here, but with the advice from our staff and some dedication, the results speak for themselves.

Halibut Fishing – Time on the water

Carefully testing different colours

The southern archipelago of the Lofoten is a Halibut fishing-fisherman’s paradise, boasting massive halibut catches. It is a dream destination for cod and Atlantic halibut fishing. But the abundance of cod schools and large halibut shall not hide the challenge of catching them. The devil’s hide in details. You will have to adjust your speed to the targeted species. Carefully test different colours to find the best one of the week. It’s very important to note when the activity picks up in the tide. You will rapidly notice that the different species will appear at different moments of the tide.

the abundance of cod schools

A sumptuous dinner

After successful days of fishing, the French angler enjoys a sumptuous dinner. Featuring freshly caught fish, prepared with local flavours and French culinary expertise. Making it a delightful gastronomic experience. And for some recipes, you can learn from this video.

Featuring freshly caught fish