Publicerad 29 juli 2022 | Skriven av Henric Wigren

Vi har nu haft byte av campmanager här på Röst. Nu är det Frederic Jullian som sköter om campen och våra kunder.
Nedan följer en rapport från Frederics första tid på campen.

Here are more reports from the wonderful island of Rost. Yeah, it is not like in the South of Europe who is burning, we have been having quite some unstable weather passing from full sun to some wind and rain.
The good side is the incredible light and scenery that those changes offer.
But we must say that it didn’t really affect the fish, they are here to feed heavily, and the catches of the week show clearly that the activity is going on as usual. The quantity of coalfish quite is insane. And top water fishing just begins and as the summer goes, we’re going to see more and more top water actions in the evening.
And that’s another advantage of the short distance between the camp and fishing spots: you can make short evening session and enjoy those jumping coalfish in the sunset. 
But for most of our guest here at the camp the king fish is the Halibut. More than words, number are talking. In three weeks, we have measured 3 monster’s fish: 223 cm (camp record for 2022), 207 cm and 178cm for Yankee one, more to come on this one later. 
We have lost the count on the smaller fish. For the cod fishing is steady and even is we do not broke record weight, we still register many around the 15kg mark.